I am officially a member of the GUCCI GANG!

"Maren, it is time to treat yourself"

Nothing to be proud of, I know. But I am happy nevertheless. I have a little piggy bank, where I save all the money, I get in my hands. Every time I borrow someone money and I get a 10-€-note or something back, I put it directly in my little piggy. When the money is in there, I forget it and I don't spend it. When I opened my poor little piggy a few weeks ago, I was more than happy to find a lot of 10-€-notes in there, so I said to myself: Maren, it is time to treat yourself. So I convinced my best friend to come to Hamburg with me to shop some luxury. To be honest, it is not really like I run around and decide out of the blue what I spend 300 € plus on. No, I don't have that kind of money. I knew for about a year that I really want a black and gold classic leather belt and some chic but comfortable black flats.