How to inject colour into your wardrobe

"If you are not willing to walk around in black, white and beige your whole life, you need to find your personal classic colour"

When you are like me and you want to build a classic wardrobe, it is always hard to mix in some colour as well. Most colours are limited to different seasons, hair colours or skin tones. Not to say you can't wear peach when you are pale as a ghost - please do what you like and wear what you feel comfortable in - but there were certain colours I didn't like to wear anymore when I dyed my hair blonde. Also this super cute yellow denim shorts were a good idea when I bought them on holiday in Thailand, but now... My point is, there are certain things, which will never be a classic. But if you are not willing to walk around in black, white and beige your whole life (which I am certainly not), you need to find your personal classic colour(s). The obvious choices are navy blue and red. It seems they are the staples when it comes to colourful clothes. But let us take a step back for a minute. The most important thing with fashion is, that you like what you wear and you feel confident in it. So to find your classic colour, the first question has to be: which colour do I wear the most and matches most of my non-coloured items?

How to mix sporty pieces into your classic wardrobe

"I just feel my best if I have some kind of high heels on"

My style has never been really sporty or casual although I love sporty clothing on other people, especially on guys. But for me I just feel my best if I have some kind of high heels on and a skirt or dress to give me that extra nice hourglass shape. But I always had hobbies which were pretty athletic, I almost tried every sport there is to be honest, where on first place will always be hip hop dancing and on the last definitely being horse riding - gosh I hated it (I should write an own post about my 5 best and 5 worst hobbies, I'd have a lot to write. Trust me). So naturally I collected a lot of sports clothes over the years. Most of them I wear for dancing or to the gym but there are a few beloved pieces I like to wear properly once in a while.


How I wear my Hermès Twilly

"Such a little thing can be so expensive"

The sun is out, yeeeyy! I mean, I really like Christmas and stuff but every year I remember how much winter sucks. It is freezing here in Germany, you have no idea how hard it was to do some photos without having my coat on (It's a hard knock blogger life). But enough moaning, now it is  (hopefully) getting warmer and sunnier soon and I can't wait to get my spring wardrobe out. So today I wanted to give you three tips how to style your twilly. But at first let me give you a little story how I got mine from Hermès. Since I bought my Pochette Métis I really wanted something colourful to switch it up in the summer. I still think black is the best option for a bag but with my light dresses in the warmer months it might look a little harsh at times. So I came up with buying a little twilly to wrap around the handle as a bow. But such a little thing can be so expensive, I had a hard time justifying spending that money for 30 cm of silk. Luckily my boyfriend and his family were willing to gift me one for my birthday, happy me! And I think it is such a good investment. I decided to get a neutral light coloured one (light yellow, green and blush pink) and over the last months I discovered so many ways to wear it. So here are my top three:


How to deal with stress when you're studying

"That time of the semester where you have to reduce Netflix to only 2 instead of 8 hours a day"

I'm sure you are absolutely stoked about finding out how you can go through exams without feeling stressed what so ever. And I would love to know the secret as well, believe me. Truth is, you will always be stressed in some way. So who am I trying to impress here? I am a total wrack when it is that time of the semester where you have to reduce Netflix to only 2 instead of 8 hours a day and actually learn for your exams (or at least pretend to and tell everyone how much you have to do). But for all of you guys going through hell at the moment, just like me, here are some thoughts on how to deal with it all (without losing your mind). I also just want to put in perspective, what really matters and why being stressed out isn't worth it.