How I wear my Hermès Twilly

"Such a little thing can be so expensive"

The sun is out, yeeeyy! I mean, I really like Christmas and stuff but every year I remember how much winter sucks. It is freezing here in Germany, you have no idea how hard it was to do some photos without having my coat on (It's a hard knock blogger life). But enough moaning, now it is  (hopefully) getting warmer and sunnier soon and I can't wait to get my spring wardrobe out. So today I wanted to give you three tips how to style your twilly. But at first let me give you a little story how I got mine from Hermès. Since I bought my Pochette Métis I really wanted something colourful to switch it up in the summer. I still think black is the best option for a bag but with my light dresses in the warmer months it might look a little harsh at times. So I came up with buying a little twilly to wrap around the handle as a bow. But such a little thing can be so expensive, I had a hard time justifying spending that money for 30 cm of silk. Luckily my boyfriend and his family were willing to gift me one for my birthday, happy me! And I think it is such a good investment. I decided to get a neutral light coloured one (light yellow, green and blush pink) and over the last months I discovered so many ways to wear it. So here are my top three:

1. "The ultimate Blair Waldorf feeling!"

Obviously I love to wear the twilly in my hair. One day I use it as a hair band (the ultimate Blair Waldorf feeling!) and other times I plait it in my braid. Today I just wrapped it around my normal ponytail to have a little extra detail to my slightly boring too classic outfit. It is the best option if you want to look fashionable but don't have the guts to wear bright yellow overknees in public. You can also use it as a hair tie leaving the ends flying around or tying it as a bow, there are endless ways!

2. "Just wrap it around your neck"

The next thing you can use it for is as a little scarf. You just wrap it around your neck and have the option to put the ends in the front or in the back, which are two different looks already. It can change a whole outfit and make it look more interesting by just adding this tiny accessoire. On top of that you can use it as a choker, if you tie it pretty tightly. You can also tie it around your wrist to give it a bracelet style. Basically tie it around anything and it will look good, I promise.

3. "A twilly is your best friend for protecting a beloved bag"

Lastly but probably the most used tip: use it for your bags. On one hand a twilly is your best friend for protecting a beloved bag, by wrapping it around the handles, so they don't get any discolourations. In my case, I don't really need it, because my Métis is quite sturdy and black not a colour you have to be careful with, but especially for lighter bags twillies are a godsend. On the other hand - if you forget the practical aspects and just focus on the looks for a minute - you will see another great way to use it. Just add a little bow to your favorite bag to give it a little extra love. It will be forever thankful.


Coat - Paul Costelloe (similar style)
Sweater - Ivyrevel
Jeans - Levi's
Handbag - Louis Vuitton
Twilly - Hermès


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