I am officially a member of the GUCCI GANG!

"Maren, it is time to treat yourself"

Nothing to be proud of, I know. But I am happy nevertheless. I have a little piggy bank, where I save all the money, I get in my hands. Every time I borrow someone money and I get a 10-€-note or something back, I put it directly in my little piggy. When the money is in there, I forget it and I don't spend it. When I opened my poor little piggy a few weeks ago, I was more than happy to find a lot of 10-€-notes in there, so I said to myself: Maren, it is time to treat yourself. So I convinced my best friend to come to Hamburg with me to shop some luxury. To be honest, it is not really like I run around and decide out of the blue what I spend 300 € plus on. No, I don't have that kind of money. I knew for about a year that I really want a black and gold classic leather belt and some chic but comfortable black flats.

"I was about to spent 150€ on another pair, but in my head I knew I wanted the Gucci ones"

I had the Gucci Brixton Loafers on my wishlist on the blog since 2016. The first time I tried them on in Milano about one year ago, I had spent all my money on my Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis, so I just realized how comfortable they are, but had to be satisfied with only the thought of getting them later on. The last weeks I found myself looking online for a pair of nice black flats for my spring wardrobe, which go nicely with my LV handbag. I was about to spent 150€ on another pair, but in my head I knew I wanted the Gucci ones, because I liked them way more. So by sacrificing my piggy bank I did the splurge and got the ones I initially wanted anyways. And if I am at the Gucci store already, why not get a matching belt as well? Yep, that's how I convince myself to spend all my money at once without a glimpse of guilt.

"I didn't own any flat shoe which was not a sneaker or Birkenstocks"

But what can I say? I regret nothing. These shoes are SUPER COMFORTABLE! I could wear them all day long. They fit my style perfectly and I finally do have a flat shoe option which doesn't look hideous when I am wearing my smarter outfits. Before I didn't own any flat shoe which was not a sneaker or Birkenstocks (I am not even overexaggerating here). Also I love that these loafers are something I can probably wear all year round, except when it is snowing like nobody's business. But in spring, summer and autumn I will get my wear out of these for sure! Also I think it is an investment piece, because they will never get out of style, they are classic and black and gold was, is and forever will be my colour combo of choice. And did I mention they are comfortable? Yes? Oh. But they really are!

PS: I now have a constant ear worm of Gucci Gang. Cool.


Shirt - ONLY
Blazer - Jobis (similar style)
Leather Skirt - Marc'o Polo (similar style)
Tights - Calzedonia
Handbag - Louis Vuitton
Loafers - Gucci
Sunglasses - Ralph Lauren
Lipstick - MAC Ruby Woo


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