Night out with friends that are way cooler than me

Sometimes I wish I had more than one life to live. Don't get me wrong, I love my life and I'm really glad I do, but I wonder what I would do today if I chose to study something else or lived in a different country. Talking to my friends gives me the opportunity to see what others chose to do with their life and it leaves me inspired every time. So today I wanted to show you, why my friends are cooler than me. A few weeks ago I went to a party where one of my girls was doing a drag  show. Yes, you heard right, she is a girl - and also a drag queen! Why limit yourself? You want to be a drag queen, even though you are a girl already? Just do it for god's sake. It seems to be a lot of fun. So after seeing the amazing, hilarious and beautiful show of her and some of her friends I wished for one more life, where I can be a full time drag queen. I guess, I'm not the only one thinking they could live way more than one lifetime, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up: Experiencing your life with your friends around you and participating in their hobbies will give you the possibility to sneak into other awesome lives for a moment. So cherish your friends, their creativity and their success!


Need a little sun in winter?

As I'm typing this post, it is snowing outside like crazy. And as I think about it now, I love it as much as as I hate it. For real, every year I am patiently waiting for white christmas and it didn't happen for the last ten years. But on New Years suddenly a blizzard is happening and it is like -10° outside (minidress and ugg boots for the win). But remembering I was laying in the sun only one month ago, swimming in the pool to cool down, I want to get rid of all the snow again and fly somewhere hot and sunny. So to inject a little bit of summer in this colder month I wanted to show you some impressions of my holiday.

I went to Fuerteventura with my best friend ( I know you are reading this, so: I love you!) and we had the best time ever sipping cocktails and reading books all day long. It was a well-deserved holiday for both of us. After a lot of exams and working days we NEEDED it. We really wanted to enjoy our time there, so we didn't put a lot of effort into taking pictures, but the few snaps I have, I wanted to share. For me my blog is like my little diary and I like to look back and remeber the days I wrote a post. So this awesome holiday could not be left out.