Need a little sun in winter?

As I'm typing this post, it is snowing outside like crazy. And as I think about it now, I love it as much as as I hate it. For real, every year I am patiently waiting for white christmas and it didn't happen for the last ten years. But on New Years suddenly a blizzard is happening and it is like -10° outside (minidress and ugg boots for the win). But remembering I was laying in the sun only one month ago, swimming in the pool to cool down, I want to get rid of all the snow again and fly somewhere hot and sunny. So to inject a little bit of summer in this colder month I wanted to show you some impressions of my holiday.

I went to Fuerteventura with my best friend ( I know you are reading this, so: I love you!) and we had the best time ever sipping cocktails and reading books all day long. It was a well-deserved holiday for both of us. After a lot of exams and working days we NEEDED it. We really wanted to enjoy our time there, so we didn't put a lot of effort into taking pictures, but the few snaps I have, I wanted to share. For me my blog is like my little diary and I like to look back and remeber the days I wrote a post. So this awesome holiday could not be left out.

The whole week I was basically not putting any effort in my outfits or my make up (I didn't wear any make up 90% of the time to be honest). So what can I say, it was like heaven for my skin. So our days were like that: Getting up, breakfast, reading at the pool, dinner, bed. I meeeean? It was brilliant. Only downside though: the book I read was absolute crap. Thank you for wasting two days of my precious holiday George R. R. Martin! (No, it was not "A Game of Thrones", it was "Dying of the Light")

Obviously thinking I'm in Baywatch (which I am certainly not :D)


Jumpsuit - H&M (currently on sale!)
Bikini - H&M
Shoes - Birkenstock

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