Five things you need to do in October

It's already Mid-October, I can't believe it! Today was the last nice warm day, so I decided to have a little shooting in the city. With my new Reiss skirt I feel like Carrie Bradshaw wandering around NY. So as I wandered I thought about what I really need to do in October and now I want to share my top five things with you:

1. Get some tights. Or to be honest a lot of tights.
You had all those pretty skirts and dresses you wore in late summer and the beginning of autumn? Yeah, winter says "fuck you" and rewards your fashion effort with freezing temperatures, mud and snow. So to fight back, prepare yourself with a lot of tights. I would recommend my favourite tights, they are from calzedonia and they have a bit of cashmere in them aswell. SO COZY!

2. Plan a Halloween Party and a creepy costume
Please don't read my blog if you're not into halloween. Thanks. Just kidding, but for real though: I loooove Halloween. So that one time of the year, when it is socially accepted to go out as a slutty nurse or a zombie bride, please do. Trust me, it's good fun.

3. Get yourself a shit load of candles
I don't know if that really needs an explanation. For me it doesn't. But I will go in about it for a second: when it's getting cold outside and you like to spend the majority of your time at home (I just pretend I don't have a job or uni here) you should really invest in some candles, especially those with scents like "Autumn leaves", "pumpkin spice" or "cinnamon and vanilla".

4. Book tickets for something to do on New Year's Eve. 
You're always late with planing NYE, aren't you? It is like an unwritten law that you forget about it till it's early December and then everything is fully booked and you end up at home with some chinese food. Not the worst if you ask me (and Carrie Bradshaw would agree) but maybe this year you want to at least think about NYE for a second before all your options are gone.

5. Don't hate on supermarkets for having all the Christmas stuff around already.
Rather get yourself some cookies and eat them all at once. Maybe in December you're already that fed up with them, you can't eat another one so you can pretend you are actually the only person capable of eating healthy during Christmas :D


Knitted Jumper - Ivyrevel
Skirt - Reiss
Handbag - Louis Vuitton
Twilly - Hermès
Shoes - ALDO
Denim Jacket - H & M (currently in store)
Watch - Maurice Lacroix - Eliros Date


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