How to dress down and dress up things

As you might already know, for me fashion is more than just following the latest trends and looking good. When I was younger, I often fell for trends and I didn't have enough money to spend on high-quality pieces. There is a german saying which goes: Who buys cheap, buys twice, and as I grew older I exactly understood what it means. Of course not every cheap item is bad and please feel free to live your life, like you want. I'm not here to judge. But I think it is very important, that we get away from fast fashion and buying (and throwing away next season) a lot of pieces of clothing. Just because you have access to thousands of clothing items for less than 20 bucks it doesn't mean you should forget that there goes in a lot of time, effort and resources to produce them. And I don't even want to hit the issue of underpayed women in textile factories. But to throw in a fact real quick: There are about 11 kg (about 24 lb) of clothing waste per head. So when I go shopping I make sure the desired item will fit into my style and will go with a lot of my other things. Also here in Germany we have snow in winter and heat in the summer, so at best the piece is wearable in multiple seasons. And on top I want to make sure, I can wear it to different occasions. So when I bought this lacey free people dress I knew I can wear it with bare legs in summer, to a festival with some flats, to work with a blazer and maybe a white top underneath or to uni with a cool hat and some edgy stuff. So today I want to show you, how I style it up and down when it's not really warm yet. Maybe I can do another post in summer with the same dress, too.


To style it down I paired the dress from free people with some chunky boots, a hat, a backpack from Jobis, some tights and a gilet from second female (similar style). I can't remember where I got the boots from, but they were super low priced. I think I paid about 15 € for them, but I got them for over four years now and I wear them at least once a week. The heel is not too high and they are super comfortable and still giving me that extra bit of height I need. The tights are from Calzedonia and they have a small amount of cashmere in them, so they are extra warm and cozy.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm not willing to put on any wintercoat until Christmas (I wish). But because of that promise I gave to myself, another gilet is here to help me through spring. This one from Second Female is more like a coat without sleeves, it's surprisingly warm and has a good length. And I wear it LOADS. You can throw it over whatever you are wearing and it immediately transforms everything into an outfit. I also love how the zippers on the gilet and the shoes are twinning af.

I found this beautiful hat last year at a market in London. I mean, I don't want to brag, but could I be more boho and hipster? I like it because of it's shape and size, it is a little bit cowboyesque but not too big for my small round head. Not only are hats a total statement piece and can give your fancy dress that touch of edgy chic, they are also great for a bad hair day.

The backpack is really practical and it also underlines the theme of the outfit. It is a really simple black leather backpack without any applications whatsoever. You can also put both straps together with a zipper, so you can have it as a one strap thing, but I can't pull that style off I'm afraid.


And now you can see the epic free people tunic dress at it's full beauty. Can we take a quick moment to appreciate the stunning lace, please? I mean come on! It's literally perfect. I also love the flowy tunic-like cut and the detail on the neckline. It is quite see-through though and you have to wear something underneath (at least that's what I do). I think I can get away with wearing a white bra, some tights and one of those black underpants you can wear over your tights (Am I the only one?) For styling it up I paired it with some classy high black leather boots from Faith, my Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis (of course) and my oversized Jobis Blazer.

 When I put on the blazer, the sun suddenly disappeared as if she knew, I'm prepared for colder weather now. I don't think I have to say much about my black blazer, I think everyone needs one in their life. With this outfit it really came in handy that it has cropped sleeves, which allows the bell-sleeves of the dress to peek through.

The boots are new to my collection, because my old go-to pair of black high heeled boots is about to fall apart. I got them on sale, so I just spent 60 € for genuine leather boots, which is not a bad deal I think. I'm really happy about the golden details, because they match my bag perfectly and I intend to wear them together a lot. They are also quite comfortable, even though they have no plateau and the heel is pretty high.

Hopefully the weather is getting better some time soon, so I can show you some real spring outfits! Until then, bare with me my lovelies!

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