My Highlights of 2017: What I learned and regretted

Welcome to the obligatory blog post about my 2017. Everywhere bloggers are sipping their Starbucks and getting their highlights of the last year ready to be up just in time for the new year. As I am no exception at all (Am I special for not drinking Starbucks though?) here is my personal review of 2017. I have to say it was a tough year for me. But I somehow managed to accomplish a lot of really great things and stayed happy throughout everything. I find it quite motivational to read how others experienced their year and what they learned or regretted, so I decided to give you little overview of my 2017.

1. The best thing I did last year was writing my bachelor thesis. As you might or might not know, I study political science and I loooove it. It has always been a real big passion of mine. My thesis was about how new parties influence the coalition-building process throughout the last 25 years. I particularly focused on conservative or nationalist parties, which is a big struggle in Germany since a few years. I do not want to bore you or get into detail too much (even if I want to badly), but I am proud of my work and I loved to do my research and bring out some statistics in the process. At the end I can now officially introduce myself as a BA of political science, which is great.

2. On that note, I also started my masters degree this winter, and what can I say? I love it. Surely I am not the perfect student (Uni starts at 8(!) on Tuesdays - hell no!), but I am pretty motivated and I learn a lot, which I am really grateful for. I hope I can write a doctoral thesis as well and stay at University or some research institute for work.

3. To make a first step into working at the University later, I got myself a new job in a research project (wooohooo). We are doing research about parliamentarians' careers in Central European Countries. Don't want to bore you again. But I love it. My new job starts tomorrow and I can't wait to begin.

4. But here is my first regret of 2017: I should have changed jobs earlier! This year I worked my ass off in my old job, because I worked in a project, which was really stressful, especially at the end. And I am okay with that, I am not someone, who doesn't like to work hard. In fact I like stress to a certain degree at work (much better than sitting around all day being super bored waiting for the clock to run faster). Also the project was about preserve women's history, which is really important to me and near to my heart. But I felt a little exploited to be honest (something surely a lot of young students experience). My colleague, who mainly managed the project, changed her job only a few months before the project ended. Somehow I ended up doing all her stuff and bare in mind - I was still paid the same amount of money, as all the other students, who were photocopying some books. I'm still happy I have done it all, the project was great at the end and I learned a lot. But now I want to focus on my career in research.

5. I also learned how to program a micro-controller. Sounds boring again, doesn't it? But I was always into electronically stuff and computer programming. So this year I decided to attend a course, all on my own. At first it was a little intimidating, because everyone knew a lot more about it than me. But sometimes you have to step out of your comfort-zone to grow (how cheesy), but it's true!

6. On a personal level I learned what it means to lose someone you love this year. My Grandpa passed away on the same day I had to turn in my thesis. Throughout the whole writing process he was in hospital and also my grandparents live in a different city about 2,5 hours away from me. So I was constantly worrying about what happens there and also about my schedule for the thesis. It was not the easiest time of my life, to say the least. My whole life my Grandpa was a really fit man, who could climb, swim, run and do anything, but the last years his cancer got really bad. I don't want to get too personal here, all I could say is, I really miss him, but I always think, he wouldn't like me to be unhappy, so I always stayed as positive, as I could.

7. To end it on a happy note, I learned (again) how great my friends are. I mean, they really are incredible human beings. I went on holiday with my love three times (I am so lucky!). I saw Milano, Bergamo and Verona in March, Paris in June and London in August. Best money I ever spent. On top I had a great holiday on Fuerteventura with my best friend, I still can't believe, it was our first holiday together EVER. Why did we wait so long? We had the best time. Apart from the holidays, I also enjoyed a lot of lunch dates and cinema evenings with all the nice people in my life. They all have their special way of thinking and different life goals. Wether we discussed feminism after three (or more...) beers in an old bar or talked about designer handbags whilst eating a cupcake (and instagramming it of course). I have a lot of good memories with them <3

PS: I know this text may be unstructured, but I wrote it out of my heart in one go, without overthinking it, so I hope you like it anyway.


Jumper - Bik Bok
Leather Skirt - Marc O'Polo (similar style)
Tights - Calzedonia
Coat - Paul Costello (similar style)
Shoes - Local Store (similar style)
Handbag - Louis Vuitton
Twilly - Hermès
Shellac - CND (Tartan Punk)
Lipstick - Mac (D for Danger)


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