Why I am a feminist and still watch "The Bachelor"

Some things in life are a match made in heaven. Like strawberries and ice cream, Eminem and Ed Sheeran or my baker boy hat and my Pochette Métis. But being a feminist and watching "The Bachelor" is definitely none. But here I am and I bet I'm not the only one. I love watching "The Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" of course. But how could a young woman, who wants sexism and discrimination to end, be into a tv show which is basically about degrading women (and men as well) to sex objects and presenting them in the worst way possible?

"So, what do you study?"

 - "Political Science" 

"Okaaay, you don't look like that."

I don't know what to say to my defense. Normally sexism is triggering me like nobody's business. I get so frustrated and angry when it happens to me, my friends or anyone to be honest. I have always fought for my rights and confronted every dumbass who was trying to judge me, because I look a certain way. One conversation I have literally at every party goes like: "So, what do you study?" - "Political Science" - "Okaaay, you don't look like that."

How does someone look who studies politics then, huh?! You see, I get triggered easily here.

"They are my guilty pleasures."

I'm still not quite sure why I have the urge to tell everyone how I betray feminism every week, turning on the tv every wednesday on primetime. But I guess everyone has their deepest darkest secret and mine is, that I love trashy tv-shows. I guess, they are my guilty pleasure. Sometimes I find the more you want to be a nice, political, smart human being, the more you get judged for little flaws. Like if a person goes vegan, everyone is like: "Wow, so you want to protect animals, but you wear leather shoes?!". But if that person never tried to turn vegan in the first place (which is hard af, if you ask me) then nobody would care about their shoes? So by improving your behavior so you have less of a bad impact on our planet you get more negativity and accusations against yourself. Double standards alert. So I guess I just wanted to make clear that guilty pleasures are okay, everyone has some and they can be great fun, too.

"I hope that all these women know what they are doing and have as much fun on the show as I have watching them"

Speaking of fun: watching "The Bachelor" is really entertaining. How everyone is trying to kiss the Bachelor's arse and portraying themselves as the perfect wives - I literally can't deal with it. How they always say what this dude wants to hear? And in the end I believe (and hope) that all these women (and men on "The Bachelorette") know what they are doing and have as much fun on the show as I have watching them. And tweeting about it of course (that's half the fun, isn't it?).


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