How to do fashion photography when you're on a budget

"How can I start blogging without investing too much?"

With all the people saying bloggers are talent free people who are just trying to avoid having a real job and getting up at 7 am, it is easy to believe that blogging is not that hard. If you are a blogger yourself or someone who actually thought about all the work going into creating content you know it better. When I started blogging about 8 years ago (feeling pretty old here) all I did was snapping a quick pic with my Sony Ericsson mobile (feeling even older now) and write a few sentences about my day or describing what I was wearing in the photo. Nowadays the blogging industry is way more professional. But if you want to get started now, a big question - if you are not one of the happy ones where money is no problem - is popping up: How can I start blogging without investing too much?

"Do I really need to invest over 2.000 bucks in a new 

reflex camera in order to get started?"

There are many things you need, but the most crucial will always be your camera. In fashion your content always relies on the photos. So the first burden is to get you some people to help you take the photos. It sounds really obvious and kinda easy, but it is actually pretty stressful sometimes. Taking the photos is bound to good weather (except when you live in L.A), good lighting and your schedule. So they need to be a little flexible. When all that is set and you found your Instagram-husband or bewitched your bestie to become your personal photographer, there comes the next question: Which camera do I get? Do I really need to invest over 2.000 bucks in a new reflex camera in order to get started?

"You can't get away with your grandma's old six megapixel camera"  

To stop your heart attack right away: no you don't. Save your money and put it towards your next designer bag purchase instead. But you can't get away with your grandma's old six megapixel camera either. The camera is the heart of your content. If it is really bad you can have the most stunning outfits - all the art will be underwhelmed by the blurry photos. And it is frustrating wasting your and your friend's/photographer's time to end up with useless pics. So I highly recommend investing in a beginner reflex camera.

I use the Canon 1100 D and 600 D. You can get them with a lens for under 500 bucks and pre loved for even less. The big advantage is, that you can opt for better lenses in the future. Normally I use the standard Canon 18-55 mm lens, which is a simple allrounder for photography beginners. For fashion pics I wanted to have the famous blurry background, called "bokeh". So I tried to find a new lens which makes it easier for me to get this effect. I stumbled across the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, also known as THE portrait lens for beginners. It cost me around 100€ and it is everything I ever wished for. With the right setting you get this beautiful blurry background with a sharp outfit and all the focus on your content (instead of random people running around in the background).


Coat - Paul Costelloe (similar style)
Cashmere rollneck - Zalando Essentials
Leather skirt - Marc'o Polo
Overknees - Kurt Geiger
Handbag - Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis
Lipstick - Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll


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  1. Your photos are stunning! I agree, photos are the backbone to blogging so it's essential that the quality is top notch. Nice content :)