The Apple vs. Samsung struggle

We all know about the constant fight about which brand you support when it comes to mobile phones.  Or technical stuff in general. Scrolling through my Instagram feed I certainly feel like the fight is over and apple won. But when I talk to my friends and family I get mixed reviews. My Dad works as a computer scientist and doesn't like Apple at all. As soon as he got an iPhone as a work phone his complains started. He doesn't like that you can't program the thing as you want. Which is obviously a problem only computer scientist would have. Also the fact he is not able to get the battery out or expand storage with an additional micro SD card is a no-go for him. My best friend on the other side is absolutely in love with her iPhone 8 plus. It's the only thing she loves more than me I think (no jealousy here). And I have to admit I really like the design and I have always been a fan of big mobiles. Also the portrait mode is GOALS. You can see it in full action in my last three posts.

"If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone"

I have always felt a big pressure to get an iPhone already. I never had one (I can not be the only one, can I?) but I never missed it. Up until today. A few weeks ago I treated myself to the new MacBook Pro, because my old Laptop fell apart. It was ten years old, fast as a sloth and the screen was tiny. On top the whole thing was pretty heavy. And what can I say, I am absolutely in love with my new MacBook. Maybe as much as my best friend is with her iPhone. But now the first time in my life I feel a desperate urge to buy an iPhone. Suddenly I get the whole "If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone"-thing. I don't have one! Now AirDrop alone is an argument to get out of my chair, run to the shops and buy it now. I'm always pretty impressed how fast and easy you can connect the iPhone to the MacBook.

"The iPhone is fucking expensive!"

But there is always a catch. First of all: my old mobile still works perfectly. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and it is fast, the battery is in pretty good condition even after two years and it takes good photos. As you know I try to live somewhat sustainable and eco-friendly. So I don't want to get a new mobile every two years. All the resources are wasted when you don't really need a new one. But a huge plus is the portrait mode on the iPhone plus. For a blogger (and selfie-addict) it really comes in handy. But I'm still debating wether to get it just for that reason or opt for a new camera lens instead. Another thing is money. I can't put it in any other words but the iPhone is fucking expensive! I don't feel good running around with a 1.000 € thing in my hand. I have to look after my Métis already, I don't need another baby to watch (clearly first world problems here). So I could stick to my old trusty Galaxy S7 and get a new lens for about 100€ which is as good as the iPhone portrait mode or treat myself to a new phone. Hard decisions here folks (don't judge me please). I think for now I will read more reviews online and wait what happens. Wish me luck.


Skirt - Uniqlo (similar style)
Trainers - Adidas
Handbag - Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis
Twilly - Hermès
Watch - Maurice Lacroix


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